Thursday, August 18, 2011

Days 6, 7, and 8- slow and steady and a cheat

I am settling into the routine but I would like for it to be day 28 instead of 8!  Turns out I miss the booze the most instead dessert and chocolate, which is surprising.  When I feel stressed, a cocktail is what I have been wanting most of all. 

The past few days have been mostly very rewarding and fun.  I have already ridden Robin twice which is an awesome development, considering I thought she might not be adjusted enough for 3 more weeks!.  I got on and she was very relaxed and we settled into our routine. 

Mihr and Sylas came to meet Robin!

We went to a crazy fun party for our friend's dad at their gorgeous estate.  It was a scavenger hunt/surprise tractor ride, involving the birthday boy in a clown suit, a bee bee gun, and so much deliciousness...

I didn't cheat on any of the drool worthy gluten pictured above, but I had homemade cherry and sheep's milk (!!) ice cream.  I'm not sorry. It was amazing. 

PS Finn is rapidly becoming a walker... 

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